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Viscri Cultural Tour

Viscri cultural tour – Discover a different face of Romania

We want to offer you a different experience. Viscri Cultural Tour is a one day trip where you will have the opportunity to discover this picturesque village in the heart of Brasov. All you have to do is get out of the house and take a walk around the village. Take pictures, say hello to the locals, sit on a boulder under an apple tree on the side of the road and let time pass you by without rushing anywhere, without anything pressing you. Look at village life and be glad that we still have it, and if we still have it, we can love it and be proud of it. Discover a world that, although it has no paved roads, has adapted in various ways to modern life.

Together we visit the fortified church of Viscri

The Viscri Cultural Tour includes a visit to the village’s fortified church. It is a real jewel of medieval Transylvania. The church was built in the 13th Century on the site of a former Roman church, surrounded by defensive walls, two towers, two bastions, and since 1999 it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Viscri Cultural TourIn addition, you can visit a museum with folk objects from the area, the inner courtyard of the church, the defensive walls and the little church. From here, you can climb a rather small and dark interior staircase up to the tower, where a wonderful view of the region around the village opens up before your eyes.

The parade of 300 cows at sunset, with a herd of goats in the opening

Everyone with grandparents or relatives in the countryside knows only too well that the cow goes out to graze in the morning and returns home alone in the evening. We knew this too, and even grew up among herds of geese, ducks and other animals in the pasture. But what you will see in Viscri will exceed your expectations.

Every day in August, no later than 7:15 P.M., all the farmers in the village and tourists alike come out to the gates to greet their cows. Imagine that the village has no less than 300 cows in total.

The parade is opened by a group of about 20 or 30 goats, which enter the main lane first, running, and then, for about 30 minutes, the 300 or so cows of all colours, breeds and sizes run past. It’s wonderful how the village bustles with people and animals in the evening, and how it can make us, city children, forget our worries for a while!

The Viscri Cultural Tour can give you all these experiences, and more. Time doesn’t allow us right now, but there is a community of remarkable women in this village who create items from wool that are sold in other countries. About this and how it all started, you will find out if you join us on the Viscri Cultural Tour!

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